Features and functions


N mark

Contact location for pairing and connecting NFC compatible Bluetooth devices. link


This microphone is used when conducting hands-free phone calls. link


Micro USB port

Connect Envaya Mini to the USB to AC power adapter (not included) or the USB port of a computer using the supplied USB cable to charge this unit. link

AUX Input connector

Used to connect an external audio player with an analog output. link


Close this cap securely to maintain the splash-proof capabilities.

Battery/Charging Indicator

Indicates the amount of remaining battery power and charging status. link

Battery button

Press this button to check the amount of remaining battery power. link

Volume adjustment buttons (–,+)

Adjusts the volume up and down. link

Status Indicator

Lit when power is on.

During Bluetooth connection: Lit

No Bluetooth connection: Blinks slowly

Pairing mode: Blinks quickly

Power button ( Power Button )

Turns the power on/off. link

Play/Pause button ( PLAY / PAUSE )

Starts/pauses playback. link

Skips to the next or previous track. link

Used to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. link

Answers incoming calls and ends calls. link

Mutes playback when using the AUX input. link

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