Listening to music using a wired connection

You can enjoy listening to music from devices that do not support Bluetooth audio by connecting to Envaya Mini using a stereo mini plug cable (not included).

Press and hold Power Button until a notification sound is heard.

The status indicator illuminates and Envaya Mini turns on.

Connect the AUX input connector on Envaya Mini to the headphones jack of the portable music player using a stereo mini plug cable (not included).

When a stereo mini plug cable is connected to the AUX input connector of Envaya Mini, the input of Envaya Mini automatically switches to AUX.

Start playing music from the device. You may need to adjust the volume up on the connected device, then adjust the volume on Envaya Mini.

Remove the stereo mini plug cable to switch to Bluetooth input.

Pressing the PLAY / PAUSE button during AUX input mutes playback. Press the button again to stop muting.
A status indicator blinks during muting.

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