Adjusting the volume of each channel to match the input source (Ch Level Adjust)

Buttons on the remote control unit used for this operation

Ope SP Volume RC1196

The volume of each channel can be changed while listening to music. You can set this for each input source.


The channel level adjust screen is displayed.

Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse to select the channel that you wish to adjust.
Use White-Arrow-Left White-Arrow-Right to adjust the volume.

–12.0 dB – +12.0 dB (Default : 0.0 dB)

Select “Reset” and press ENTER if you want to restore the adjustment values of the various channels to “0.0 dB” (default).

Headphone volume can be adjusted when a headphone is connected.

“Ch Level Adjust” settings are stored for each input source.

You can only set this for speakers that output audio. In addition, you cannot set this when in the menu “HDMI Audio Out” is set to “TV”. link

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