I want the volume not to become too loud by mistake

Set the volume upper limit for “Limit” in the menu beforehand. This prevents children or others from increasing the volume too much by mistake. link

I want to keep the volume at the same level when I turn the power on

By default, the volume setting when power was previously set to standby on this unit is applied at next power on with no change. To use a fixed volume level, set the volume level at power on for “Power On Level” in the menu. link

I want to have the subwoofer always output audio

Depending on the input signals and sound mode, the subwoofer may not output audio. When “Subwoofer Mode” in the menu is set to “LFE+Main”, you can have the subwoofer always output audio. link

I want to set the optimized listening environment after changing the configuration/position of the speakers or changing a speaker to a new one.

Perform “Auto Setup”. This automatically makes the optimized speaker settings for the new listening environment. link

I want to combine a desired video with the current music

Set “Video Select” in the option menu to “On”. You can combine the current music with your desired video source from Set-top Box or DVD, etc. while listening to music from Tuner. link

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