Auto Setup

To perform measurement, place the Sound calibration microphone in the main listening position.

Pict AutoSetup 5.1 AVRS500BT

About the main listening position

The main listening position is the position where listeners would normally sit or where one would normally sit alone within the listening environment. Before starting “Auto Setup”, place the Sound calibration microphone in the main listening position.


Make the room as quiet as possible. Background noise can disrupt the room measurements. Close windows and turn off the power on electronic devices (radios, air conditioners, fluorescent lights, etc.). The measurements could be affected by the sounds emitted by such devices.

During the measurement process, place cell phones outside the listening room. Cell phone signals could disrupt the measurements.

Do not stand between the speakers and Sound calibration microphone or allow obstacles in the path while the measurements are being made. Also, install the Sound calibration microphone at least 20 inches (50 cm) away from the wall. Failure to do so will result in inaccurate readings.

During the measurement process, audible test tones will come from the speakers and subwoofer(s), but this is part of normal operation. If there is background noise in the room, these test signals will increase in volume.

Measurement cannot be performed when headphones are connected. Unplug the headphones before performing “Auto Setup”.

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