Listening to an HD Radio™ stations

HD Radio stations offer higher sound quality than conventional FM/AM broadcasts. It is also possible to receive data services and select broadcasts from among up to eight multicast programs.

HD Radio Technology provides higher quality sound than conventional broadcasts and allows reception of data services.

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Digital, CD-quality sound. HD Radio Technology enables local radio stations to broadcast a clean digital signal. AM sounds like today’s FM and FM sounds like a CD.


Program Service Data: Contributes to the superior user experience of HD Radio Technology. Presents song name, artist, station IDs, and other relevant data streams.


Adjacent to traditional main stations are extra local FM channels. These HD2/HD3 Channels provide new, original music as well as deep cuts into traditional genre.


HD Radio Technology manufactured under license from iBiquity Digital Corporation. U.S. and Foreign Patents. HD Radio™ and the HD, HD Radio, and “Arc” logos are proprietary trademarks of iBiquity Digital Corp.
For detailed information on HD Radio Technology, please go to “”

For antenna connections, see Connecting an HD Radio receiverlink.

Buttons on the remote control unit used for this operation

Ope FMAM RC1194

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