Status LED table

The LEDs on the front panel change to indicate the current speaker status.

Speaker status

LED action


Deep Standby mode

LED DH250-1


Power is off, or the speaker is in Deep Standby mode. link

Quick Start mode

LED DH250-2

(dimmed solid)

Speaker is in Quick Start mode. link

Power on

LED DH250-3


Speaker is starting up or connecting to the network.

LED DH250-4


Speaker is connected to the network.

LED DH250-5


Speaker is unable to connect to the network.
Try to connect the speaker again.


LED DH250-6

(fast blink)

Speaker is connecting to the network via WPS.

LED DH250-7

(for 3 sec. solid)

Speaker is connected to the network via WPS.

LED DH250-8

(for 3 sec. solid)

WPS has timed out.


LED DH250-9

(two blinks)

Speaker is pairing via Bluetooth.

LED DH250-10

(one blink)

Speaker is paired via Bluetooth.

LED DH250-11

(for 3 sec. solid)

Speaker failed to pair to the Bluetooth device.
Try to pair again. link

Volume setting

LED DH250-12

(quick blink)

Volume is being adjusted.

LED DH250-13

(slow blink)

Speaker is muted.

Firmware update

LED DH250-14


Firmware is being updated.

LED DH250-15

(slow blink (Not fade))

There is a firmware error.
Check your usage environment, relaunch the app, then try to update the firmware again. link


LED DH250-16


There was a setup error.
Check your usage environment, then follow the correct procedure to try setup again. If the error occurs again, restore factory settings and try setup again. link

LED DH250-17

(fast blink)

There is a hardware error.
Unplug the power cord, wait a little while, then plug the power cord back in.


LED DH250-18


Factory settings have been restored.

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