Automatically presetting FM stations (Auto Preset)

This unit can be preset with a total of 40 FM broadcast stations.

Press SETUP during FM reception.
Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse to select “TUNER SETUP”, then press ENTER.
Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse to select “FM AUTO PRESET”, then press ENTER.
Press ENTER while “PRESS ENTER” is flashing.

Broadcast stations are preset automatically.

To stop auto tuning, press Square Black .

Broadcast stations whose antenna signals are weak cannot be preset automatically. If you wish to preset such stations, tune them in manually.


When FM auto preset is performed, the channel currently registered as the FM preset is deleted, and the newly preset FM broadcast station is registered to the same number as the deleted channel.

Giving station names to preset channels

Names of up to 8 characters can be input.

Tune in the preset channel you want to name.
Press ENTER twice.

The display switches to the station name input display.

Input the station name.

Names of up to 8 characters can be input.

shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse :

Selects the character.

White-Arrow-Left   White-Arrow-Right :

Moves the cursor to the left or right.


Deletes the currently selected character.

(Press and hold) Press and hold for 3 seconds or more to clear all characters.

Characters that can be input.
[A – Z, 0 – 9, ^ ’ ( ) * + , - . / = (space)]

Press ENTER.

The characters you have input are entered.

To give names to other stations, repeat steps 1 to 4.

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