Listening to DAB/DAB+ (for RCD-M41DAB only)

About DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting)

Since the DAB system is broadcasted in digital format, DAB system can supply crystal-clear audio and stable reception even in mobile objects. DAB is a new generation radio which can provide data service and supplementary multi-media services.

DAB broadcasts multiple services under one Ensemble that are called service components.

Each component contains inherent programmes; news, music, sports, and many more.

Each Ensemble and service component has its label, and users can recognize a current broadcasting station and service contents by using the label.

The main service component is broadcast as Primary while the others are broadcast as Secondary.

Also rich character information is serviced through Dynamic Labels; song title, artist composer etc.

About DAB+

The main difference between DAB and DAB+ is the type of audio codec used.


This unit can receive both DAB and DAB+ broadcasts.

Tuning in DAB stations

Press TUNER to select “DAB”.

When a DAB operation is performed for the first time after purchase, auto scanning is performed automatically.

Use TUNE + or TUNE - to select the desired broadcast station.

The broadcast stations are displayed in the order in which they were scanned.


DAB stations can be stored in the preset memory and played in the same way as FM stations.

A maximum of 30 DAB broadcast stations can be preset.

Switching the reception information for the currently tuned in DAB station

Press INFO during DAB reception.

Dynamic Label Segment:

Text data included in the broadcast is scrolled.

Station Name:

The service station name is displayed.

Program Type:

The category of the tuned in station is displayed.

Ensemble Name:

The ensemble name is displayed.


The frequency is displayed.

Signal Quality:

The reception signal intensity is displayed (0 to 8).

If the reception signal intensity is 5 or greater, the program can be received without noise.

Audio Information:

The mode of the currently tuned in station and its bit rate are displayed.

Making the DAB settings

Press DAB/RDS during DAB reception.
Use shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse to select “item”, then press ENTER.


This unit searches for receivable DAB stations.


The reception intensity of the currently tuned in frequency is displayed. Use this if your preferred station cannot be received.

Use White-Arrow-Left   White-Arrow-Right to select a frequency to tune into. It takes around 4-5 seconds to correctly display the reception intensity (→|) after selecting a frequency.
If necessary, adjust the position of the antenna so that the reception intensity (→|) passes to the right of the Square Black mark.
The station can now be received.
Press ENTER to select the station and exit “TUNING AID”.


The service list is created with the auto scan function.

MULTIPLEX: In order of frequency

ALPHANUMERIC: In alphabetical order

DRC (Dynamic Range Control):

The DRC (Dynamic Range Control) function is effective when in a noisy environment and in quiet sections of broadcast programmes. The broadcast’s DRC level is set at the broadcast station. The DRC function lets you change to achieve the optimum level.

OFF: DRC is switched off. Any DRC level broadcast will be ignored.

1/2: DRC level is set to 1/2 that sent with the broadcast.

1: Applies the DRC level as sent with the broadcast.


All the preset memory settings for the stations and DABs are reset.


The DAB module’s version is displayed.

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