Listening to DAB/FM broadcasts

Press TUNER to select the reception band.


When listening to a DAB broadcast. (for RCD-M41DAB only)


When listening to an FM broadcast.


If the signal is weak and stable stereo reception is not possible, select “FM MONO” to receive in monaural.

When “FM AUTO” is selected: “AUTO” is displayed.

When the reception band mode is set to “FM AUTO”, the “ST” indicator lights when a stereo broadcast is tuned in.

When a DAB operation is performed for the first time after purchase, auto scanning is performed automatically.

You can switch between “FM AUTO” and “FM MONO” while receiving an FM broadcast by pressing the MODE.

Use TUNE + or TUNE – to select the station you want listen to.

When a station is received, the “TUNED” indication will light.

When “FM AUTO” is selected: Automatically search for and tune to a receivable radio station.

When “FM MONO” is selected: Manually change the frequency one step at a time each time the button is pressed.

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