Name Disp M40

Playback mode indicators

Triangle Right : Lights up during playback.
Pause : Lights up during pause.

Tone indicators

SDB: Lights up when the super dynamic bass function is set to “ON”.

TONE: Lights up when the tone (BASS/TREBLE) is being adjusted.

Tuner reception mode indicators

These light up according to the reception conditions when the input source is set to tuner.

TUNED: Lights up when the broadcast is properly tuned in.

AUTO: Lights up when the input source is “FM AUTO”.

ST: Lights up when receiving FM stereo broadcasts.

MONO: Lights up when receiving FM monaural broadcasts.

TOTAL indicator

Lights up when the total number of tracks and total time of the CD are displayed.

Play mode indicators

These light according to the play mode settings.

Timer operation indicators

SLEEP: Lights up when the sleep timer is on.

clock : Lights up when the timer playback is on.

Information display

Various information is displayed here.

Remote control signal reception indicator

Lights up when a signal is received from the remote control.

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