Make volume settings.


Set how volume is displayed.

0 - 98

Display in the range 0 (Min) to 98.

–79.5 dB – 18.0 dB:

Display ---dB (Min), in the range –79.5 dB to 18.0 dB.


Make a setting for maximum volume.

60 (–20 dB) / 70 (–10 dB) / 80 (0 dB)


The dB value is displayed when the “Scale” setting is“ –79.5 dB – 18.0 dB”.

Power On Level

Define the volume setting that is active when the power is turned on.


Use the memorized setting from the last session.


Always use the muting on condition when power is turned on.

1 - 98 (–79 dB - +18 dB):

The volume is adjusted to the set level.

Mute Level

Set the amount of attenuation when muting is on.


The sound is muted entirely.

–40 dB :

The sound is attenuated by 40 dB down.

–20 dB :

The sound is attenuated by 20 dB down.

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