Pairing with a Bluetooth device

In order to enjoy music from a Bluetooth device on this unit, the Bluetooth device must first be paired with this unit.

Once the Bluetooth device has been paired, it does not need to be paired again.

Press Bluetooth to switch the input source to “Bluetooth”.
GUI Bluetooth

When using for the first time, the unit will go into the pairing mode automatically and “Pairing Mode” will appear on the display of the unit.

Select this unit when its name appears in the list of devices displayed on the screen of the Bluetooth device.

At the end of the pairing, the device name appears on the display of this unit.

Connect to the Bluetooth device while “Pairing Mode” is being displayed on the display of the unit.
Perform the connection with the Bluetooth device close to the unit (about 3.3 ft/1 m).

When connecting a second Bluetooth device, press and hold Bluetooth for approximately 3 seconds or select “Pairing Mode” from the options menu to pair the device. link

Enter “0000” when the password is requested on the screen of the Bluetooth device.

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