Procedure for speaker settings (Auto Setup)

Pict Audyssey Procedure
Mount the Sound calibration microphone on a tripod and place it in the main listening position.

When installing the Sound calibration microphone, point the tip of the microphone toward the ceiling and adjust the height to match the height of the ears of a listener in a seated position.

If using a subwoofer capable of the following adjustments, set up the subwoofer as shown below.

When using a subwoofer with a direct mode

Set the direct mode to “On” and disable the volume adjustment and crossover frequency setting.

When using a subwoofer without a direct mode

Make the following settings:

Volume : 12 o’clock position

Crossover frequency : Maximum/Highest Frequency

Low pass filter : Off

Standby mode : Off

Connect the Sound calibration microphone to the SETUP MIC jack of this unit.
Ope SetupMIC AVRS500BT
GUI AutoSetup
Select “Start”, then press ENTER.
Select “Next”, then press ENTER.
Select “Begin Test”, then press ENTER.

Measurement requires several minutes.


If “Caution!” is displayed on TV screen:

Go to Error messageslink. Check any related items, and perform the necessary procedures.

To cancel Auto Setup

Press BACK to display the popup screen.
Press White-Arrow-Left to select “Yes”, then press ENTER.
Unplug the Setup and measurement microphone from the unit’s SETUP MIC jack.

Do not change the speaker connection or subwoofer volume after “Auto Setup”. If these are changed, run “Auto Setup” again in order to configure the optimum equalizer settings.

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