Playing a Bluetooth device

Check the following before you play back music.

The Bluetooth function of the Bluetooth device must be turned on

Pairing must be completed

Press Bluetooth to switch the input source to “Bluetooth”.

The unit will automatically connect to the most recently used Bluetooth device.

Start playing the Bluetooth device.

The Bluetooth device can also be operated with the remote control of this unit.

Operation buttons


Operation buttons


Triangle Right




Square Black


Skip-Left Skip-Right

Skip to previous track / Skip to next track

Rewind Forward

(Press and hold) Fast-reverse / Fast-forward


Playback / Pause

(Press and hold) Stop

shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse

Skip to previous track / Skip to next track

(Press and hold) Fast-reverse / Fast-forward

When the power of this unit is turned on, the input source will be automatically switched to “Bluetooth” if a Bluetooth device is connected.

When the “IP Control” setting of this unit is set to “Always On” and a Bluetooth device is connected with the unit in the standby state, the power of the unit will be turned on automatically. link

Press STATUS on this unit during playback to switch the display between Title name, Artist name, Album name, etc.

English letters, numbers and certain symbols are displayed. Incompatible characters are displayed as “.” (period).


To operate the Bluetooth device with the remote control of this unit, the Bluetooth device needs to support the AVRCP profile.

The remote control of this unit is not guaranteed to work with all Bluetooth devices.

Depending on the type of Bluetooth device, this unit outputs audio that is coupled to the volume setting on the Bluetooth device.

Operations accessible through the option menu

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