I want to turn on power to this unit from a Bluetooth device

Once you perform pairing between this unit and a Bluetooth device, you can turn on power to this unit by operating the Bluetooth device. Select “CEOL carino” from the list of Bluetooth devices to turn on power to this unit.

I want to switch the connection to a different Bluetooth device

This unit can only output music from one connected Bluetooth device, but up to 3 Bluetooth devices can simultaneously be connected. To switch the connection easily, always have the frequently used Bluetooth devices connected. When multiple Bluetooth devices are connected and you want to switch to a different Bluetooth device, stop playback on the device that is currently played back and play back the Bluetooth device that you want to output music from. link

I want to connect to an NFC enabled device via NFC

Enable the NFC function on an NFC enabled device, and touch the N mark ( Mark N ) on this unit with the NFC device. link

I want to enjoy more spatial sound

Touch the Wide Sound key ( Button Wide Sound ) to turn on the Wide Sound function. link

I want to use speakers other than the supplied ones

Connect speakers other than the supplied ones and turn off the SPEAKER OPTIMIZATION switch on the rear panel. link

I want to turn off the display

You can turn off the light of the display. Press Silent for 5 seconds or longer. link

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