Explanation of terms


Technology for near field wireless communications. This unit can connect to Bluetooth devices wirelessly. To establish a Bluetooth connection, you must perform pairing (registering) beforehand.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

Technology for near field wireless communications. You can just touch this unit with a device with the NFC function to establish a connection between this unit and the device.

Sampling frequency

Sampling involves taking a reading of a sound wave (analog signal) at regular intervals and expressing the height of the wave at each reading in digitized format (producing a digital signal).
The number of readings taken in one second is called the “sampling frequency”. The larger the value, the closer the reproduced sound is to the original.


Pairing (registration) is an operation that is required in order to connect a Bluetooth device to this unit using Bluetooth. When paired, the devices
authenticate each other and can connect without mistaken connections occurring.
When using Bluetooth connection for the first time, you need to pair this unit and the Bluetooth device to be connected.
This unit can store pairing information for a maximum of 8 devices.

Protection circuit

This is a function to prevent damage to devices within the power supply when an abnormality such as an overload, excess voltage occurs or over temperature for any reason.
If a malfunction occurs in this unit, the power indicator flashes in white and this unit switches to standby mode.

Linear PCM

Uncompressed PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) signals. Unlike lossy compression audio sources such as MP3, no audio quality or dynamic range deteriorates.

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