Check that the following parts are supplied with the product.

Acce QSG
Acce Safety Inst E3E2
Acce NotesOnRadio

Quick Start Guide

CD-ROM (Owner’s Manual)

Safety Instructions

Notes on radio

Acce AC Cord E2
Acce USB Cable
Acce RC1195
Acce CEOL carino base

Power cord

USB cable
(cable length: 1.2 m)

Remote control unit (RC-1195)
(built-in battery)

CEOL carino base

Acce Speaker SC N2
Acce Speaker Base
Acce Cablewinder

Speakers (x2)
(cable length: 1.5 m)

Speaker bases (x2)

Cable winders (x2)

Stored under the speaker bases at the time of shipment.

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