High quality sound

With discrete circuit technology, the power amplifier provides identical quality for all 7-channels (135 Watts x 7-channels)

For optimum realism and stunning dynamic range, the power amplifier section features discrete power devices (not integrated circuitry).

By using high current, high power discrete power devices, the amplifier is able to easily drive high quality speakers.

Audyssey DSX®link

This unit is equipped with Audyssey DSX® processor. By connecting front height speakers to this unit and playing back with Audyssey DSX® processing you can experience a more vertically expansive front soundstage. By connecting two front wide speakers, you can experience a wider and more expanded front soundstage.

DTS Neo:X link

This technology enables the playback of 2-channel source audio or 7.1/5.1 multi-channel source audio through a maximum 7.1-channel speakers, achieving an even broader soundstage.

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