Wireless LAN

When connecting to a wireless LAN network, stand the Rod antennas for Bluetooth/wireless LAN connection upright on the rear panel.

See Wi-Fi Setuplink on how to connect to a wireless LAN router.

Conne Wireless AVRX3100WE3

When using this unit, we recommend you use a router equipped with the following functions:

Built-in DHCP server
This function automatically assigns IP addresses on the LAN.

Built-in 100BASE-TX switch
When connecting multiple devices, we recommend a switching hub with a speed of 100 Mbps or greater.

Only use a shielded STP or ScTP LAN cable (readily available at electronics stores). (CAT-5 or greater recommended)

The normal shielded-type LAN cable is recommended.
If a flat-type cable or unshielded-type cable is used, other devices could be affected by noise.

When using a router that supports the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) function, Wi-Fi connection can be carried out easily.

When using this unit connected to a network with no DHCP function, configure the IP address, etc. in “Network”. link


The types of routers that can be used depend on the ISP. Contact your ISP or a computer shop for details.

This unit is not compatible with PPPoE. A PPPoE compatible router is required if your contracted line is not set using PPPoE.

Do not connect a NETWORK connector directly to the LAN port / Ethernet connector on your computer.

Various online services may be discontinued without prior notice.

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