Adding more HEOS built-in devices

The HEOS system is a true multiroom audio system that automatically synchronizes audio playback between multiple HEOS built-in devices so that the audio coming from different rooms is perfectly in sync and always sounds amazing! You can easily add up to 32 HEOS built-in devices to your HEOS system.

Adding wired HEOS built-in devices

Just connect the HEOS built-in devices to your home network using an Ethernet cable and the HEOS built-in device will appear on your HEOS App as a new room in the Rooms screen.

At your convenience, you can assign a name to the HEOS built-in device to indicate which room you have it placed in.

Use only a shielded STP or ScTP LAN cable which is easily available at electronics stores (CAT-5 or greater recommended).

Do not connect a NETWORK connector directly to the LAN port/Ethernet connector on your computer.

Adding wireless HEOS built-in devices

You can add additional wireless HEOS built-in devices to your HEOS system by selecting “Add Device” from the HEOS App’s settings menu and follow the instructions:

Adding_Wireless Speaker_1_W

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