Front panel

Name Front N2

Power button/display ( Power Button )

This turns the power on/to standby. link

The power status is indicated as follows.

Power on: Lit

Standby: Off

Input source switching key ( Button Source )

This switches input sources. link

Wide Sound key ( Button Wide Sound )

This switches the Wide Sound function on/off. link

Bluetooth key ( Button Bluetooth )

This switches the input to Bluetooth. This is also touched during the pairing operation. link

Headphones jack ( Headphone Jack )

Used to connect headphones.

When the headphones are plugged into this jack, audio will no longer be output from the speaker terminals.


To prevent hearing loss, do not raise the volume level excessively when using headphones.

Auto Volume Adjust key ( Auto Volume Adjust )

This switches the Auto Volume Adjust function on/off. link


This displays various pieces of information.

Remote control sensor

This receives signals from the remote control unit. link

Volume adjustment wheel

This adjusts the volume level. link

The wheel is lit when touched.

The volume level appears on the display.

Mute button ( Silent )

This mutes the output audio. link

This button flashes when muting is on.

N mark ( Mark N )

Touch this mark with a Bluetooth device that includes the NFC function when pairing (registering) with it. link

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