Front panel

Name Front Small PMA150H

Power operation button ( Power Button )

This turns the power on/off (standby). link

Standby indicator

Lights as follows according to unit status:

Not lit:

When powered on

During normal standby (When “Auto-Play” is set to “Off”link)


When “Auto-Play” is set to “On”link

When “Network Control” is set to “On”link

Cursor keys ( shirosankaku shirosankaku-Reverse White-Arrow-Left   White-Arrow-Right )

These select items.


This determines the selection.


This displays various pieces of information.

Volume control knob

Adjusts the volume.

USB port ( Icon USB )

This is used to connect USB storages (such as USB memory devices).

Headphones jack

Used to connect headphones.

When the headphones are plugged into this jack, audio will no longer be output from the connected speakers.


To prevent hearing loss, do not raise the volume level excessively when using headphones.

BACK key

Returns to the previous item.

Input source switching key ( Button Input Circle )

This selects the input source.

Remote control sensor

This receives signals from the remote control unit. link

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