Reconnecting to this unit from a Bluetooth device

After pairing is completed, the Bluetooth device can be connected without performing any operations on this unit.

This operation also needs to be performed when switching the Bluetooth device for playback.

If a Bluetooth device is currently connected, deactivate the Bluetooth setting of that device to disconnect it.
Activate the Bluetooth setting of the Bluetooth device to be connected.
Select this unit from the Bluetooth device list on your Bluetooth device.
Play music using any app on your Bluetooth device.

When the power of this unit and the Bluetooth function of this unit are turned on, the input source will be automatically switched to “Bluetooth” if a Bluetooth device is connected and is played.

When the “Network Control” setting of this unit is set to “On” and a Bluetooth device is connected and is played with the unit in the standby state, the power of the unit will be turned on automatically. link

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