The Internet radio cannot be played back

A list of radio stations is not displayed in the HEOS App.

The LAN cable is not properly connected, or the network is disconnected. Check the connection status. link

Internet Radio cannot be played.

The selected radio station is broadcasting in a format that is not supported by this unit. Formats that can be played back in this unit are WMA, MP3 and MPEG-4 AAC. link

The firewall function is enabled on the router. Check the firewall setting.

Check the power of the router is on.

Some radio stations broadcast silently during some time period. In this case, no audio is output. Wait for a while and select the same radio station, or select another radio station. link

The selected radio station is not in service. Select a radio station in service.

You cannot connect to a radio station that is registered to Favorites with the HEOS App.

Radio station is not currently in service. Register radio stations in service.

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