Operating this unit using the remote control of a TV

There are three ways to operate this unit using the remote control of a TV.

HDMI control function

Connect this unit to a TV that supports the HDMI control function with an HDMI cable and enable the HDMI control setting on the TV to perform basic operations on this unit (changing the input source, turning the power on and off, adjusting the volume) with the remote control of the TV.

Refer to “HDMI control function” for more information about the HDMI control function. link

Remote control preset function

This unit is preset such that you can adjust the volume using the volume adjustment button on the remote controls for the TVs of major manufacturers. This is useful when the TV you are using does not support HDMI control, or when you connect to a TV that does not have an HDMI connector.

Remote control learning function

If your TV does not support the HDMI control function and remote control preset function, use this unit’s remote control learning function. This enables you to operate this unit with the remote control of a TV. (Using the remote control learning functionlink)

Using the remote control learning function

Perform this operation on the HEOS App. Download the HEOS App in advance to your iOS or Android device. link

Tap the Settings icon setting located in the upper left corner of the main “Music” menu.

The setting menu screen is displayed.

Select “My Devices” to display a list of your HEOS built-in devices.
Select this unit.
Select “Remote Control”.

The setup below is not required when device control by HDMI is active. (A check mark will be displayed by “HDMI CEC” in this case)

Select “IR Control”.
Select a command of this unit you would like to control by the remote control of your TV.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete setup.

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