Positioning the sound bar

Position the sound bar in front of your TV, etc., on a flat surface.

Pict Place Bar1 SB550

When positioning the sound bar in front of your TV, make sure the sound bar does not obstruct the TV’s remote control light sensor, etc.

When hanging the sound bar on a wall

The sound bar has a wall hook hole to hang it on a wall. When hanging it on a wall, position it in a flat, vertical position.

To ensure safety, request a contractor perform the mounting work when mounting onto a wall.


In order to use the unit safely, do not place items on or hang items from the unit.

Be sure to fix connection cables to the wall to ensure that cannot be pulled or tripped over causing this unit to fall. Check that the unit is mounted safely after the mounting work is complete.

Also, periodically check the safety of this unit and whether there is a possibility that the unit may fall.

Denon cannot accept any responsibility for damage, injury or accidents caused by problems with the mounting location or mounting method.

Pict Place Bar2 SB550

When hanging it on a wall, use the included wall mount template.

[How to use the wall mount template]

Affix the template to the location you would like to mount the sound bar.
Screw in the wall mount screws by following the template.

Consult a construction professional about the proper wall mount screws for the material and strength of your wall.

Remove the template from the wall.
Mount the included wall mount spacer on the spine of the sound bar.

Mounting the wall mount spacer creates a space for cords to pass through between the sound bar and the wall.

Mount the sound bar on the wall.

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