Operating this unit by voice with the Amazon Alexa function


Optional Alexa Built-in functionality will become available via a future firmware update.

With the Amazon Alexa built into this unit, you can enjoy the ability to operate the unit and play music simply by speaking.

To use Alexa, the unit must be connected to the network. An Amazon account is also required.

Download the HEOS App in advance to your iOS or Android device and then connect this unit to the network. link

Next, use the HEOS App to enter your Amazon account information and log in to the service.

In cases such as when you want to prevent accidental activation of Alexa or you want to protect your privacy, touch the Icon MicMute DE HOME key on this unit to disable the microphone.

Instead of saying “Alexa”, you can also touch the Icon Action DE HOME key on this unit to initiate voice control using Alexa.

Alexa isn’t available in certain languages and countries.

Examples of voice operation

For example, ask Alexa the following:

Alexa, play music

Alexa, pause

Alexa, turn up the volume

Example of light bar display

The light bar on the front panel of the unit lights up according to the status of Alexa.

Status of Alexa (examples)

Light bar display

While on standby

Light bar Alexa standby SB550


When starting up

Light bar Alexa start SB550

(The LED light moves from both sides to the center in light-blue, and then the entire light bar lights in blue)

While the microphone is muted

Light bar Alexa mute SB550

(Lights in red)

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