Remote control unit

Name RC SB550

Power operation button ( Icon Power )

Press the button to turn the sound bar power on/off (quick start mode). link

Press and hold the button for 5 seconds to enter deep standby mode. link

Input source buttons (TV, HDMI, OPT, AUX, Icon Bluetooth )

This selects the input source. link

Night mode button (NIGHT)

Compresses the dynamic range (difference between loud and soft sounds) to make audio easier to hear at low volumes. link

Bass volume control buttons (BASS +, –)

This setting adjusts the volume level for the bass. link

Dialog enhancer button (DIALOG ENHANCER)

Adjust the volume of dialog in movies, vocals in music, etc. so these can be heard more easily. link

Movie mode button (MOVIE)

Switches to the sound mode suitable for enjoying movies and TV programs. link

Quick select buttons (QUICK SELECT 1 - 3)

Register input source, volume level and sound mode, night mode and dialog enhancer settings to these buttons or recall those settings. link

Name RC 2 SB550

Remote control signal transmitter

This transmits signals from the remote control unit. link

Mute button ( Icon Mute )

This mutes the output audio. Press again to unmute. link

Volume buttons (VOL +, –)

These adjust the volume level. link

Music mode button (MUSIC)

Switches to the sound mode suitable for enjoying music. link

Pure mode button (PURE)

Enjoy high quality sound that is faithful to the original source. link

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