Connecting to a network using an iOS device

Connecting to a network using an iOS device.

This unit supports Apple’s “WAC (Wireless Accessory Configuration)” setup mode. WAC setup mode allows you to connect this unit to your network without requiring you to type in the network name and password.

The CONNECT LED on the rear of this unit will slowly blink amber to indicate that WAC setup mode is active. If the rear LED is not blinking amber, press and hold volume down (-) and Triangle Right / Pause button on the sound bar for 3 seconds until you see the LED blinking amber.
Go to the Wi-Fi menu under Settings on your iOS device.
Select “Denon Home Sound Bar 550” under “SET UP NEW AIRPLAY SPEAKER...” at the bottom of the list.
Select the network you want this unit to connect to and select “Next”.
Follow the instructions on the screen to complete setup.
When the connection is complete, the status LED on the front of this unit will turn solid blue.

This unit will stay in WAC setup mode for 15 minutes. If this unit is not setup within 15 minutes, it will revert back to its previous network connection. Press the Triangle Right / Pause button on the sound bar if you want to cancel WAC setup mode.

After running the December 2023 firmware update, network connection through WAC setup mode will no longer be available. After updating, perform setup through the HEOS app.
Home → Settings → Add Device

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