Sound bar

Top panel

Hold your hand over the top of the sound bar to show the operation panel keys. Touch these keys to perform operations. Moving your hand away from the area hides the keys.

Name Bar Top SB550

Microphone off key ( Icon MicMute DE HOME )

This disables the microphone function. In the state with the microphone function disabled, Alexa does not respond even if called. Use this in cases such as when you want to protect your privacy. link

Play/Pause key ( Triangle Right / Pause )

Press this key to pause during playback. If pressed while paused or stopped, resumes playback from the last track played.

Press the key twice to play the next track.

Press the key three times to restart the current track or play the previous track.

Press and hold the key for 5 seconds to enter deep standby mode. link

Volume keys (+, –)

These adjust the volume level. link

Action key ( Icon Action DE HOME )

This calls Alexa. You can use voice control without saying “Alexa”. link


This is the microphone to talk to Alexa. link

Do not put anything on top of the sound bar. Doing so may lead accidental operations.

The light of the operation panel keys is activated using a small amount of static electricity from the human body. Due to the nature of this mechanism, the keys may light up or blink due to noise from the surrounding environment or connection cables, but it is not malfunctioning.

Front panel

Name Front SB550

Remote control sensor

This receives signals from the remote control unit. link

Status LED

Please refer to the Status LED tablelink for LED color and state meaning.

Light bar

While Alexa responds, the LED lights up. link

Rear panel

Name Rear SB550

Wall hook hole

Used to mount the sound bar on a wall. link

Optical digital input connector (OPTICAL IN)

Use the included optical cable to connect a TV with an optical digital terminal. link

Analog audio input connector (AUX IN)

Use a commercially available 3.5 mm stereo audio cable to connect a TV with an AUX audio output connector. link

HDMI IN connector

Used to connect to the HDMI equipment with an HDMI cable. link

NETWORK connector

Used to connect this unit to a wired Ethernet network. link

Power inlet

Used to connect the power cord. link

Bluetooth button ( Icon Bluetooth )

Switches the input source to “Bluetooth”. link

Used to pair with Bluetooth devices. link

HDMI OUT connector (eARC/ARC)

Use the included HDMI cable to connect an eARC or ARC function-compatible TV. link

USB port

This is used to connect USB storages (such as USB flash drives). link

CONNECT button

Used for Wi-Fi setup.


Indicates the status of this unit. link

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