What you can do with this unit

This sound bar supports immersive surround sound and enables you to connect this unit to your TV to enjoy high-quality sound.

In addition to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X playback, traditional audio signals can also be enjoyed in virtual 3D audio.

This unit is equipped with an HDMI input/output connector that supports 4K and enables passthrough of 4K video signals to your TV, such as signals for Blu-ray disc players and video game consoles.

Playing TV audio

Play TV SB550

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Connecting to a playback device such as a Blu-ray disc player to perform playback

Play BD SB550

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Operating by talking to Alexa


Optional Alexa Built-in functionality will become available via a firmware update.

Cont Alexa SB550

Alexa isn’t available in certain languages and countries.

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Using the app for smartphones/tablets (HEOS App) for easy operation

Contr HEOS App SB550

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Playing streaming audio with Wi-Fi

Play streaming audio SB550

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Playing a USB flash drive

Play USB memory SB550

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Playing a Bluetooth device

Play BT SB550

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